We’re Engaged!

I traveled to WI from Houston for Labor Day weekend. I got into Madison on Thursday morning. I was excited to spend 5 consecutive days with Zach, the most time we’re spent together in over 2 months, and see his new apartment. Plus we had tattoo appointments scheduled for Friday. Zach planned to take me out on Lake Monona on his new boat Thursday night. He brought the ring (I found out later) and planned to propose in the middle of the lake. Unfortunately, his engine died when we were pretty far out in the water. He tried everything to get it going again, but it just wouldn’t turn over. Because it was windy and we wanted to avoid crashing into the shore, Zach eventually had no choice but to get out and walk the boat all the way back to the launch. We got it back and trailered. Zach suggested going for a walk along the water. We stopped at a woody spot with a good view of the water and he proposed. We have talked about this for a little while, but I was not expecting him to do it this weekend. 

My parents came to visit for the weekend from PA, so we got to share the news with them. They knew Zach had a ring since he and Owen had facetimed them. Owen showed my parents the ring and told them “we want to marry Tarra”.

Zach’s parents came to visit Sunday to meet my parents and have lunch with us, so we also got to tell them the news. 

We’re so excited to live together again and get married. I could not ask for a better partner to share my life with. 


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